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Yan Cong

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Email: cong4@purdue.edu
Office: SC G015 Map
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Assistant Professor, School of Languages and Cultures

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PhD Michigan State University Linguistics 2021

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, assessment of linguistic competence in (Large) Language Models, semantics and pragmatics, linguistic biomarkers

Teaching Interests

Computational linguistics, statistical modeling in linguistics, language learning

Selected Publications

Cong, Y.; Chersoni, E., Hsu, Y-Y., and Blache, P. (2023). "Investigating the Effect of Discourse Connectives on Transformer Surprisal: Language Models Understand Connectives, Even So They Are Surprised". Proceedings of the 6th BlackboxNLP Workshop: Analyzing and Interpreting Neural Networks for NLP (pp. 222-232).

Cong, Y.; Chersoni, E., Hsu, Y-Y., and Lenci, A. (2023). "Are Language Models Sensitive to Semantic Attraction? A Study on Surprisal". Proceedings of the 12th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2023) (pp. 141-148).

Tang, SX.; Cong, Y.; Mercep, G.; Bhatti, M.; Serpe, G.; Gromova, V.; Berretta, S.; John, M.; Liberman, M.Y.; Sinvani, L. (2023). "Characterizing and Detecting Delirium with Clinical and Computational measures of Speech and Language Disturbance". Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

Cong, Y. (2022). "Psycholinguistic Diagnosis of Language Models' Commonsense Reasoning". Proceedings of the Workshop on Commonsense Representation and Reasoning (CSRR 2022)

Nikzad, AH.; Cong, Y.; Berretta, S.; Hnsel, K.; Cho, S.; Pradhan, S.; Behbehani, L.; DeSouza, D.; Liberman, MY. and Tang, SX. (2022). "Who Does What to Whom? Graph Representations of Action-Predication in Speech Relate to Psychopathological Dimensions of Psychosis" Schizophrenia 8, 58.

Cong, Y. (2022). "Judge-Dependence in Quality Nouns: A Semantic Analysis of The Mandarin Chinese you NP Structure". Asian Languages and Linguistics 2:2 (2022), pp.167-216.

Tang, SX.; Hnsel, K.; Cong, Y.; Nikzad, AH.; Mehta, A.; Cho, S.; Berretta, S.; Behbehani, L.; Pradhan, S.; John, M. and Liberman, MY. (2022). "Latent Factors of Language Disturbance and Relationships to Quantitative Speech Features". Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Tang, SX.; Cong, Y.; Nikzad, AH.; Mehta, A.; Cho, S.; Hnsel, K.; Berretta, S.; Dhar, A.; Kane, JM. and Malhotra, A. (2022). "Clinical and Computational Speech Measures are Associated with Social Cognition in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders". Schizophrenia research.

Pandia, L.; Cong, Y. and Ettinger, A. (2021). "Pragmatic competence of pre-trained language models through the lens of discourse connectives". Proceedings of the 2021 SIGNLL Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning.

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