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Robbee Wedow

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Email: rwedow@purdue.edu
Office: 333A STON Map
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Associate Professor of Sociology

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PhD University of Colorado Boulder 2018

Research Interests

Population health inequalities; gene-environment interactions; scientific knowledge; social demography; statistical genetics; Alzheimer's Disease and Alzheimer's Related Dementias

Teaching Interests

Computational methods; genetics; health


2023 - National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging R01
2021 - National Science Foundation
2020 - National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging

Selected Publications

Mignogna, Gianmarco, Caitlin Carey, Robbee Wedow, Nikolas Baya, Mattia Cordioli, Nicola Pirastu, Rino Bellocco, Kathryn Malerbi, Michel Nivard, Benjamin Neale, Raymond Walters, And Andrea Ganna. Forthcoming June 2023. Patterns Of Item Nonresponse Behavior To Survey Questionnaires Are Systematic And Have A Genetic Basis. Nature Human Behavior.

Ganna, Andrea, Karin J. H. Verweij, Michel G. Nivard, Robert Maier, Robbee Wedow, ..., John R. B. Perry, Benjamin M. Neale, And Brendan P. Zietsch. 2019. Large-Scale GWAS Reveals Insights Into The Genetic Architecture Of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior. Science. 365(6456), Eaat7693. DOI: 10.1126/science.aat7693.

Liu, Mengzhen, Yu Jiang, Robbee Wedow, Yue Li, ..., Goncalo Abecasis, Dajiang Liu, And Scott Vrieze. 2019. Association Studies Of Up To 1.2 Million Individuals Yield New Insights Into The Genetic Etiology Of Tobacco And Alcohol Use. Nature Genetics. 51(2), 237-244. DOI: 10.1038/s41588-018-0307-5.

Karlsson Linnr, Richard, Pietro Biroli, Edward Kong, S. Fleur W. Meddens, Robbee Wedow, ..., Daniel J. Benjamin, Philipp D. Koellinger, And Jonathan P. Beauchamp. 2019. Genome-Wide Association Analyses Of Risk Tolerance And Risky Behaviors In Over 1 Million Individuals Identify Hundreds Of Loci And Shared Genetic Influences. Nature Genetics 51(2). 51(2), 245-257. DOI: 10.1038/s41588-018-0309-3.

Wedow, Robbee, Meghan Zacher, Brooke M. Huibregtse, Kathleen Mullan Harris, Benjamin W. Domingue, And Jason D. Boardman. 2018. Education, Smoking, And Cohort Change: Forwarding A Multidimensional Theory Of The Environmental Moderation Of Genetic Effects. American Sociological Review. 83(4), 802-832. DOI: 10.1177/0003122418785368.

Belsky, Daniel W., Benjamin W. Domingue, Robbee Wedow, Louise Arseneault, Jason D. Boardman, Avshalom Caspi, Dalton Conley, Jason M. Fletcher, Jeremy Freese, Pamela Herd, Terrie E. Moffitt, Richie Poulton, Kamil Sicinski, Jasmin Wertz, And Kathleen Mullan Harris. 2018. Genetic Analysis Of Social-Class Mobility In Five Longitudinal Studies. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences. 115(31), E7275-E7284. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1801238115.

Lee, James J., Robbee Wedow, Aysu Okbay, ..., Patrick Turley, Peter M. Visscher, Daniel J. Benjamin, And David Cesarini. 2018. Gene Discovery And Polygenic Prediction From A Genome-Wide Association Study Of Educational Attainment In 1.1 Million Individuals. Nature Genetics. 50(8), 1112-1121. DOI: 10.1038/s41588-018-0147-3.

Wedow, Robbee, Ryan K. Masters, Stefanie Mollborn, Landon Schnabel, And Jason D. Boardman. 2018. Body Size Reference Norms And Subjective Weight Status: A Gender And Life Course Approach. Social Forces. 96(3), 1377-1409. DOI: 10.1093/sf/sox073.

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