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James F. Markworth

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Email: jmarkwor@purdue.edu
Office: CRTN 2054 Map
Phone: 765-494-4846
Fax: 765-494-9346
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Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences

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Pillars of Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Enhancing Biological and Physical Function in Later Life; Preserving Cognitive Function


PhD Deakin University Skeletal Muscle Physiology 2013

Research Interests

Muscle Biology, Inflammation/Immunology, Bioactive Lipid Mediators, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Sarcopenia, Regenerative Medicine

Teaching Interests

Nutritional Biochemistry, Muscle Biology, Physiology, Exercise Physiology/Metabolism


2024 - Purdue Agricultural Science and Extension for Economic Development (AgSEED)
2023 - Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health
2022 - National Institutes of Health
2022 - Purdue Showalter Trust Awards

Selected Publications

Castor-Macias JA, Larouche JA, Wallace EC, Spence BD, Eames A, Duran P, Yang BA, Fraczek PM, Davis CA, Brooks SV, Maddipati KR, Markworth JF, Aguilar CA. Maresin 1 repletion improves muscle regeneration after volumetric muscle loss. Elife. 2023 Dec 22:12:e86437. doi: 10.7554/eLife.86437. Online ahead of print.

D'Souza E, Figueiredo V, Markworth JF, Zeng N, Hedges C, Roberts L, Raastad T, Coombes J Peake J, Mitchell C, Cameron-Smith D. Cold water immersion in recovery following a single bout resistance exercise suppresses mechanisms of miRNA nuclear export and maturation. Physiological Reports. 2023. Aug;11(15):e15784. doi: 10.14814/phy2.15784.

Figueiredo VC, Roberts LA, Cameron-Smith D, Markworth JF. Editorial: Modulators of skeletal muscle hypertrophy: Mechanisms to Lifestyle Strategies. Frontiers in Physiology. 2022 Apr 26;13:893698.

Guzman SD, Judge J, Shigdar S, Paul TA, Davis CS, Macpherson PC, Markworth JF, Van Remmen H, Richardson A, McArdle A, Brooks SV. Removal of p16INK4 expressing cells in late life has moderate beneficial effects on skeletal muscle function in male mice. Frontiers in Aging. 2022 Jan 26;2:821904.

Bjornsen T, Wernbom M, Paulsen G, Markworth JF, Berntsen S, D'Souza RF, Cameron-Smith D, Raastad T. High-frequency blood flow restricted resistance exercise results in acute and prolonged cellular stress more pronounced in type I than in type II fibers. Journal of Applied Physiology. 2021 Aug 1;131(2):643-660.

Larouche J, Mohiuddin M, Choi JJ, Ulintz PJ, Fraczek PM, Sabin K, Pitchiaya S, Kurpiers SJ, Castor-Macias J, Liu W, Hastings RL, Brown LA, Markworth JF, De Silva K, Levi BD, Merajver SD, Valdez G, Chakkalakal JV, Jang Y, Brooks SV, Aguilar CA. Murine muscle stem cell response to perturbations of the neuromuscular junction are attenuated with aging. Elife. 2021 Jul 29;10:e66749. 7.

Markworth JF, Brown LA, Lim E, Castor-Macias JA, Larouche J, Macpherson PCD, Davis C, Aguilar CA, Maddipati KR, Brooks SV. Metabolipidomic profiling reveals an age-related deficiency of skeletal muscle pro-resolving mediators that contributes to maladaptive tissue remodeling. Aging Cell. 2021 Jun;20(6):e13393.

Markworth JF, Sugg KB, Sarver DC, Maddipati KR, Brooks SV. Local shifts in inflammatory and resolving lipid mediators in response to tendon overuse. The FASEB Journal. 2021 Jun;35(6):e21655.

Zeng N, D'Souza RF, Macrae C, Figueiredo VC, Pileggi CA, Markworth JF, Merry TL, Cameron-Smith D, Mitchell CJ. Daily protein supplementation attenuates immobilisation-induced blunting of postabsorptive muscle mTORC1 activation in middle age men. American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology. 2021 Apr 1;320(4):C591-C601.

Figueiredo V, Van Pelt D, D'Souza R, Zeng N, Markworth JF, Poppitt S, Lawrence M, Miller B, Peterson C, McCarthy J, Dupont-Versteegden E, Mitchell CJ, and Cameron-Smith D. Ribosome biogenesis and degradation regulate translational capacity during muscle disuse and reloading. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle. 2021 Feb;12(1):130-143.

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