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Shawn Bauldry

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Email: sbauldry@purdue.edu
Office: Stone 326B Map
Phone: 765-496-3199
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Associate Professor of Sociology

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PhD University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Sociology 2012

Research Interests

statistics, medical sociology, stratification and inequality

Teaching Interests

statistics, medical sociology


2020 - Purdue Center on Aging and the Life Course
2017 - National Science Foundation
2016 - National Institutes of Health, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services

Selected Publications

Xu, Jun, Shawn Bauldry, and Andrew S. Fullerton. forthcoming. “Bayesian Approaches to Assessing the Parallel Lines Assumption in Cumulative Ordered Logit Models.” Sociological Methods & Research.

Simoni, Zachary and Shawn Bauldry. 2020. “Moving During Adolescence and Depressive Symptoms: The Role of Social Support.” Youth & Society 52:639-660.

Cockerham, William, Joseph D.Wolfe, and Shawn Bauldry (2020). forthcoming. “Health Lifestyles in Late Middle Age.” Research on Aging 42:34-46..

Lu, Yun, Jong Hyun Jung, and Shawn Bauldry. 2019. “Explaining the Cross-National Variation in the Relationship Between Religious Organization Membership and Civic Organization Participation.” Social Science Research.

Peng, Siyun, Shawn Bauldry, Megan Gilligan, and J. Jill Suitor. 2019. “Older Mother’s Health and Adult Children’s Education: Conceptualization of Adult Children’s Education and Mother-Child Relationships.” Social Science & Medicine – Population Health 7:100390.

Bauldry, Shawn, JuXun, and Andrew S. Fullerton. 2018. "gencrm: A New Command for Generalized Continuation Ratio Models." Stata Journal 18:924-936.

Bauldry, Shawn and Kenneth A. Bollen. 2018. "Nonlinear Autoregressive Latent Trajectory Models." Sociological Methodology 48:269-302.

Wolfe, Joseph D., Shawn Bauldry, Eliza K. Pavalko, and Melissa A. Hardy. 2018. "Multigenerational Educational Attainment and Mortality: Integrating the Long Arm, Personal Attainment, and Social Foreground Perspectives." Demographic Research 39:719-752

Wolfe, Joseph D., Shawn Bauldry, Melissa A. Hardy, and Eliza K. Pavalko. 2018. "Multigenerational Attainment and the Mortality of Silent Generation Women." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 59:335-351.

Ejem, Deborah, Shawn Bauldry, Maria A. Bakitas, and Patricia Drentea. 2018. "Caregiver Burden, Care Recipient Depressive Symptomology and Social Exchange: Does Race Matter?" Journal of Palliative Care 33:100-108.

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