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Jeffrey M. Haddad

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Email: jmhaddad@purdue.edu
Office: LAMB 201 A Map
Phone: (765) 496-9489
Fax: (765) 496-1239
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Associate Professor of Health and Kinesiology

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PhD University of Massachusetts Amherst Kinesiology 2006

Research Interests

The integration between posture and manual movements across the human life-span

Teaching Interests

Motor Development and Motor Learning


National institutes of neurological disorders and stroke (NINDS)

Selected Publications

Chagdes, J. R., Rietdyk, S., Haddad, J. M., Zelaznik, H. N., Cinelli, M. E., Denomme, L. T., ... & Raman, A. (2016). Limit cycle oscillations in standing human posture. Journal of biomechanics, 49(7), 1170-1179.

Chagdes, J.R., Huber, J.E., White, M.D., Rietdyk, S., Zelaznik, H.N., Haddad, J.M. (2016). The relationship between intermittent limit cycles and postural instability associated with Parkinson's disease. Journal of Sport and Health Science, 5, 14-24.

Kim, H., Cai, F., Ryu, J.H., Haddad, J.M., & Zelaznik, H.N. (2015). Tennis match time series do not exhibit long term correlations. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 46, 545-545.

Muir, B.C.*, Rietdyk, S, & Haddad, J.M. (2014). Gait initiation: The first four steps in young adults, adults aged 65-79 years, and adults aged 80-91 years. Gait & Posture, 39, 490-494.

Haddad, J. M., Rietdyk, S., Claxton, L. J., & Huber, J. E. (2013). Task-dependent postural control throughout the life-span. Exercise and Sports Science Reviews, 41(2), 123-132.

Hughes, C.M.L., Haddad, J.M., Franz, E.A., Zelaznik, H.N., & Ryu, J.H. (2011). Experimental Brain Research, 211(2), 219-29.

Rhea*, C.K., Silver, T.A., Hong, S.L., Ryu, J.H., Studenka, B.E., Hughes, C.M.L., & Haddad, J.M. (2011). Noise and complexity in human postural control: Interpreting the different estimations of entropy, PLoS One, 6, e17696, 1-9.

Haddad, J.M., Chen, Y., & Keen, R. (2011). Children's search for hidden objects, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 109, 123-131.

Haddad, J.M., Ryu, J.H., Seaman, J.M. & Ponto, K. (2010). Time-to-contact measures capture modulations in posture that occur due to the precision demands of a manual task, Gait & Posture, 32, 592-596.

Rhea, C.K., Rietdyk, S., & Haddad, J.M. (2010). Locomotor adaptation versus perception adaptation when stepping over an obstacle with a height Illusion. PLoS One, 5, e11544, 1-4

Haddad, J.M., Wheat, J., Snapp-Childs, W., van Emmerik, R.E.A., & Hamill, J. (2010). The use of continuous relative phase to assess dynamic gait symmetry. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 26, 109-113.

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