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Preeti M. Sivasankar

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Email: preeti@purdue.edu
Office: LYLE 3016 Map
Phone: 765-496-6628
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Professor, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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PhD Northwestern University Communication Sciences and Disorders, General 2005

Research Interests

Laryngeal physiology, voice disorders across the lifespan

Teaching Interests

Voice disorders, anatomy and physiology


2016 - NIH
2016 - NIH Subcontract

Selected Publications

Cox, A., do Nascimento, NC., dos Santos AP. & Sivasankar, MP. (2021). Dehydration and estrous staging in rat larynx: An in vivo prospective investigation. Journal of Voice, 35, 1, 77-84.

Duan, C., do Nascimento, NC., Calve, S., Cox, A. & Sivasankar, MP. (in press). Restricted water intake adversely affects vocal fold biology. The Laryngoscope.

Bailey TW., Dos Santos AP., do Nascimento NC., Xie S., Thimmapuram J., Sivasankar MP. & Cox A. (2020). RNA sequencing identifies transcriptional changes in the rabbit larynx in response to low humidity challenge. BMC Genomics. 2020 Dec 11;21(1):888. doi: 10.1186/s12864-020-07301-7.

Venkatraman, A., Fujiki, RB., Craig, B., Sivasankar, MP. & Malandraki, GA (2020). Uncovering the underlying relationship between swallowing and maximum vocal pitch elevation: A preliminary comparative study of hyoid biomechanics. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63, 10, 3408-3418.

do Nascimento, NC., dos Santos, AP., Sivasankar, MP. & Cox, A. (2020). Pathobiology of furosamide-induced dehydration on vocal folds at the transcriptional levels. PLOS One, July 31;15(7):e0236348.

Oleson, S., Cox, A., Liu, ZM., Sivasankar, MP. & Lu, K-H. (2020). In vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging of rat vocal fold dehydration and rehydration. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63, 1, 135-142.

Walimbe, T., Calve, S., Panitch, A. & Sivasankar, MP. (2019). Incorporation of type I and III collagen in tunable hyaluronan hydrogels for vocal fold tissue engineering. Acta Biomaterialia, 87, 97-107.

Fujiki, RB., Oliver, A., Sivasankar, MP., Craig, B. & Malandraki, G. (2019). Secondary voice outcomes of a Randomized Clinical Trial comparing two head/neck strengthening exercises in healthy older adults: A preliminary report. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 62, 2, 318-323.

Liu, X., Durkes, A., Schrock, W., Zheng, W. & Sivasankar, MP. (2019). Subacute acrolein exposure to rat larynx in vivo. The Laryngoscope, 129, 9, E313-E317.

Liu, X., Mustonen, A., Zheng, W., Sivasankar, MP. & Durkes, A. (2019). Cigarette smoke exposure to pig larynx in an inhalation chamber. The Journal of Voice, 33, 6, 846-850.

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