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Edward L. Bartlett

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Email: ebartle@purdue.edu
Office: BMED 2023 and MJIS Map
Phone: (765) 496-1425
Fax: (765) 496-1912
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Professor of Biological Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

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Pillars of Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Preserving Cognitive Function; Engineering over the Life Course; Enhancing Biological and Physical Function in Later Life


PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison Neuroscience 1999

Teaching Interests

Biol 230, Biology for Engineers, biomedical engineering, NSF sponsored Purdue Scholarship Program in Quantitative Physiology.

Selected Publications

J. Lai, M. Dowling, E.L. Bartlett (2022) Comparison of age-related declines in behavioral versus electrophysiological measures of amplitude modulation. Neurobiology of Aging, 117:201-211.

C. V-Baizabal, L. Casado, E.L. Bartlett, and Manuel S Malmierca (2021). In vivo whole-cell recordings of stimulus-specific adaptation in the inferior colliculus. Hearing Research, 399, 107978.

Han, E.X., Fernandez, J.M., Swanberg, C., Shi, R., and E.L. Bartlett (2021) Longitudinal auditory pathophysiology following mild blast-induced trauma. Journal of Neurophysiology, 126(4):1172-1189.

Kommajosyula, S.P., E.L. Bartlett, Cai, R., L. Ling, and D.M. Caspary. (2021) Corticothalamic projections deliver enhanced responses to medial geniculate body as a function of the temporal reliability of the stimulus. Journal of Physiology, 599(24): 5465-5484.

Coventry, B.S., Sick, J., Talavage, T, Stantz, K., and E.Bartlett (2020). Short-wave Infrared Neural Stimulation Drives Graded Sciatic Nerve Activation Across A Continuum of Wavelengths. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 3581-3585.

J.E. Cooke, J.J. Lee, E.L. Bartlett, X. Wang, and Daniel Bendor (2020). Persistent activity in primate auditory cortex evoked by sensory stimulation. Scientific Reports, 10(1): 1-14.

Parthasarathy, A., Bartlett, E.L., and S.G. Kujawa. (2019) Age-related changes in neural coding of envelope cues: peripheral declines and central compensation. Neuroscience, 407: 21-31.

Kommajosyula, S.P., Cai, R., Bartlett, E., and D.M. Caspary. (2019) Top-Down or Bottom Up: Decreased Stimulus Salience Increases Responses to Predictable Stimuli of Auditory Thalamic Neurons. Journal of Physiology, 597(10):2767-2784.

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