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Alexander L. Francis

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Email: francisa@purdue.edu
Office: HEAV G34A Map
Phone: (765) 494-3815
Fax: (765) 494-0771
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Associate Professor of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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Ph.D. University of Chicago Psychology & Linguistics 1999

Research Interests

Speech perception, attention, cognitive aging, hearing impairment, perceptual learning

Teaching Interests

Speech perception, attention, cognitive aging, acoustics, speech science


National Institutes of Health
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Selected Publications

Lin, M. & Francis, A.L. (in press) Acoustic features of second language speech related to listeners' evaluation of speech quality. System.

Francis, A.L., MacPherson, M.K., Chandrasekaran, B., & Alvar, A.M. (2016). Autonomic nervous system responses during perception of masked speech may reflect constructs other than subjective listening effort. Frontiers in Psychology: Cognitive Hearing Mechanisms of Language Understanding: Short- and Long-term Perspectives, 7(263), 1-15.

Llanos, F. & Francis, A.L. (2016) The effects of language experience and speech context on the phonetic accommodation of English-accented Spanish voicing. Language & Speech. Published online before print, March, 2016.

Dmitrieva, O., Llanos, F., Shultz, A.A., & Francis, A.L. (2015). Phonological status, not voice onset time, determines the acoustic realization of onset f0 as a secondary voicing cue in Spanish and English. Journal of Phonetics, 49, 77-95.

Lin, M. & Francis, A.L. (2014). Effects of language experience and expectations on attention to consonants and tones in English and Mandarin Chinese. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 136(5), 2827-2838.

Llanos, F., Dmitrieva, O., Shultz, A.A., & Francis, A.L. (2013). Auditory enhancement and second language experience in Spanish and English weighting of secondary voicing cues. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 134(3), 2213-2224.

Roberts, F. & Francis, A.L. (2013). Identifying a temporal threshold of tolerance for silent gaps after requests. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 133(6), EL471-EL477.

Shultz, A.A., Francis, A.L., & Llanos, F. (2012). Differential cue weighting in perception and production of consonant voicing. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 132(2), EL95- EL101.

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