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Stephen J. Elliott

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Email: elliott@purdue.edu
Associate Professor of Technology, Leadership and Innovation

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B.Sc. Iowa State University Political Science 1983
M.Sc. University of Westminster, London Transport Planning and Management
Ph.D. Purdue University Industrial Technology/Automatic Identification & Data Capture 2001

Selected Publications

Chan, K. J., & Elliott, S. J. (2015, December). Mugshot Compliance for Face Image Quality. In 2015 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI) (pp. 428-432). IEEE.

B. Dillman, R. Hendricks, M. Petrelli et al. (2010) Biometric Access to Training Devices as a Security Protocol in Flight Training. Journal of Air Transport Studies 1(1): 82.98.

E.P. Kukula, M.J. Sutton, S.J. Elliott (2010) The Human-Biometric-Sensor Interaction Evaluation Method: Biometric Performance and Usability Measurements .IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 59(4): 784-791.).

E.P. Kukula, C.R. Blomeke, S.K. Modi et al. (2009) Effect of Human Interaction on Fingerprint Matching Performance, Image Quality, and Minutiae Count. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 34(4:270.277).

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