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Kenneth F. Ferraro

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Email: ferraro@purdue.edu
Office: STON 335 Map
Phone: 765-494-4707
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Distinguished Professor of Sociology

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Pillars of Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Enhancing Biological and Physical Function in Later Life; Preserving Cognitive Function; Social Contexts and Policy for Optimal Aging


PhD University of Akron Sociology 1981

Research Interests

Life course inequality, minority health, obesity and health, religion and health

Teaching Interests

Health and aging, medical sociology, longitudinal data analysis, minority health


2020 - National Institute on Aging (2)
2020 - Community Health Partnership's Trailblazer Award from the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)
2019 - Purdue Research Foundation

Selected Publications

Williams-Farrelly, Monica M., and Kenneth F. Ferraro. Forthcoming. "Early Origins of Frailty: Do Later-Life Social Relationships Alter Trajectories of Decline?" Journal of Aging and Health.

Bell, Mallory, J., Madison R. Sauerteig-Rolston, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. Forthcoming. "Is Early-Life Enrichment Associated with Better Cognitive Function Among Older Adults? Examining Home and School Environments." Journal of Aging and Health.

Ferraro, Kenneth F. and Callie Zaborenko. 2023. "Race, Everyday Discrimination, and Cognitive Function in Later Life." PLoS ONE 18(10): e0292617.

Ferraro, Kenneth F., Madison R. Sauerteig-Rolston, Lisa L. Barnes, Elliot Friedman, Laura P. Sands, and Patricia A. Thomas. 2023. "Subjective Memory Decline Predicts Incident Cognitive Impairment among White - but Not Black or Hispanic - Older Adults." The Gerontologist 63(4):690-699.

Ferraro, Kenneth F., Shawn Bauldry, Madison R. Sauerteig-Rolston, and Patricia Thomas. 2023. "Dual Functionality in Later Life." The Gerontologist 63(7):1110-1116.

Bauldry, Shawn, Patricia A. Thomas, Madison R. Sauerteig-Rolston, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2023. "Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Dual-Function Life Expectancy." Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences 78(7):1269-1275.

Thomas, Patricia A., Monica M. Williams-Farrelly, Madison Sauerteig, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2022. "Childhood Stressors, Relationship Quality, and Cognitive Health in Later Life." Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 77(7):1361-1371.

Sauerteig, Madison R., Kenneth F. Ferraro, and Shawn Bauldry. 2022. "Life Course Stressors and Later Life Functional Limitations among White, Black, and Hispanic Adults: Deleterious, Hardening, or Benign?" Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 77(1):249-259.

Kemp, Blakelee R., Kenneth F. Ferraro, Patricia M. Morton, Patricia A. Thomas, Sarah A. Mustillo, and Eileen Crimmins. 2022. "Do Early-Life Social, Behavioral, and Health Exposures Increase Adult Arthritis Incidence in Later Life?" Research on Aging 44(7-8):479-493.

Huffman, Mary K., Sharon Christ, Kenneth F. Ferraro, David Klenosky, Kristine Marceau, and Steve Amireault. 2022. "Measuring Physical Activity Regulatory Styles and Identity among Adults 55 Years or Older." Journal of Aging and Health 34(6-8): 775-785.

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