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Kenneth F. Ferraro

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Email: ferraro@purdue.edu
Office: STON 335 Map
Phone: 765-494-4707
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Distinguished Professor of Sociology

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PhD University of Akron Sociology 1981

Research Interests

Life course inequality, minority health, obesity and health, religion and health

Teaching Interests

Health and aging, medical sociology, longitudinal data analysis, minority health


2020 - National Institute on Aging
2020 - National Institute on Aging
2020 - Community Health Partnership's Trailblazer Award from the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)
2019 - Purdue Research Foundation

Selected Publications

Sauerteig, Madison R., Kenneth F. Ferraro, And Shawn Bauldry. 2022. Life Course Stressors And Later Life Functional Limitations Among White, Black, And Hispanic Adults: Deleterious, Hardening, Or Benign? Journal Of Gerontology: Social Sciences 77(1):249-259.

Mustillo, Sarah A., Miao Li, Patricia M. Morton, And Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2021. Early Origins Of Body Mass In Later Life? Examining Childhood Risks And Adult Pathways. Journal Of Health And Social Behavior 62(2):152-169.

Mustillo, Sarah, Miao Li, And Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2021. Evaluating The Cumulative Impact Of Childhood Misfortune: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach. Sociological Methods And Research 50(3):1073-1109.

Lee, Min-Ah, Kenneth F. Ferraro, And Giyeon Kim. 2021. Digital Technology Use And Depressive Symptoms Among Older Adults In Korea: Beneficial For Those Who Have Fewer Social Interactions? Aging And Mental Health 25(10):1839-1847.

Kemp, Blakelee R. And Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2021. Are Biological Consequences Of Childhood Exposures Detectable In Telomere Length Decades Later? Journal Of Gerontology: Biological Sciences 76(1):7-14.

Huffman, Mary K., Sharon Christ, Kenneth F. Ferraro, David Klenosky, Kristine Marceau, And Steve Amireault. 2021. Questions To Measure Enjoyment Of And Satisfaction With Physical Activity: Are They Appropriate For Use In An Older Population? Innovation In Aging 5(4):1-11.

Zaborenko, Callie J., Kenneth F. Ferraro, And Monica M. Williams. 2020. Childhood Misfortune And Late-life Stroke Incidence, 2004-2014. The Gerontologist 60(6):1060-1070.

Tormoehlen, Sean A., William E. Field, Shawn G. Ehlers, And Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2020. Indiana Farm Occasional Wood Cutter Fatalities Involving Individuals 55 Years And Older. Journal Of Agricultural Safety And Health 26(2):77-92.

Morton, Patricia M. And Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2020. Early Social Origins Of Biological Risks For Men And Women In Later Life. Journal Of Health And Social Behavior 61(4):503522.

Williams, Monica M., Blakelee R. Kemp, Kenneth F. Ferraro, And Sarah A. Mustillo. 2019. Avoiding The Major Causes Of Death: Does Childhood Misfortune Reduce The Likelihood Of Being Disease Free In Later Life? Journal Of Gerontology: Social Sciences 74(1):170-180.

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