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Kenneth F. Ferraro

Contact Information
Email: ferraro@purdue.edu
Office: HNLY 310-J Map
Phone: 765-494-4707
Fax: 765-494-2180
Homepage: Homepage
Director, Center on Aging and the Life Course
Distinguished Professor of Sociology

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PhD University of Akron Sociology 1981

Research Interests

Life course inequality, minority health, obesity and health, religion and health

Teaching Interests

Health and aging, medical sociology, longitudinal data analysis, minority health


2020 - Community Health Partnership's Trailblazer Award from the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)
2019 - Purdue Research Foundation
2017 - Purdue Research Foundation

Selected Publications

Williams, Monica m., Blakelee R. Kemp, Kenneth F. Ferraro, and Sarah A. Mustillo. 2019. "Avoiding the Major Causes of Death: Does Childhood Misfortune Reduce the Likelihood of Being Disease Free in Later Life?" Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 74(1):170-180.

Wilkinson, Lindsay R., Kenneth F. Ferraro, and Sarah A. Mustillo. 2019. "Wealth in Middle and Later Life: Examining the life Course Timing of Women's Health Limitations." The Gerontologist 59(5):902-911.

Smith, Natalie R., Kenneth F. Ferraro, Blakelee R. Kemp, Sarah A. Mustillo, Patricia M. Morton, and Jacqueline L. Angel. 2019. "Childhood Misfortune and Handgrip Strength Among Black, White, and Hispanic Americans." Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 74(3):526-535.

Waters, David J., Gerald C. Hyner, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2019. "A Pedagogical Strategy Addressing an Unmet Need: Making the Biology of Aging an Accessible Part of Interdisciplinary Gerontology Education." Gerontology and Geriatrics Education 40(1):55-70.

Ferraro, Kenneth F. 2018. The Gerontological Imagination: An Integrative Paradigm of Aging. New York: Oxford University Press. (224 pages; ISBN: 9780190665340) Richard Kalish Innovative Publication Award, Behavioral and Social Sciences Section, Gerontological Society of America (2018)

Morton, Patricia M., Nicholas A. Turiano, Daniel K. Mroczek, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2018. "Childhood Misfortune, Personality, and Heart Attack: Does Personality Mediate Risk of Myocardial Infarction?" Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences 73(5):825-835.

Morton, Patricia M. and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2018. "Does Early-Life Misfortune Increase the Likelihood of Psychotropic Medication Use in Later Life?" Research on Aging 40(6):558-579.

Kemp, Blakelee R., Kenneth F. Ferraro, Patricia M. Morton, and Sarah Mustillo. 2018. "Early Origins of Adult Cancer Risk Among Men and Women: Influence of Childhood Misfortune?" Journal of Aging and Health 30(1):140-163.

Ferraro, Kenneth F. and Patricia M. Morton. 2018. "What Do We Mean by Accumulation? Advancing Conceptual Precision for a Core Idea in Gerontology." Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 73B(2):269-278. Editor's Choice. Best Paper Award, Theoretical Developments in Social Gerontology, Gerontological Society of America.

Ferraro , Kenneth F., Blakelee R. Kemp, and Monica M. Williams. 2017. "Diverse Aging and Health Inequality by Race and Ethnicity" Innovation in Aging 1(1):igx002, 1011 (invited for first issue of open access journal).

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