The Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI) is an assessment used widely across the Purdue University--West Lafayette campus to measure development of intercultural competence, critical thinking, emotional resilience, attitudes towards the environment and gender, and more.

The next opportunity to become a BEVI administrator is coming up in June 2023. The event is open to all who are interested. Please go here for details. A significant discount is being offered for Purdue faculty and staff. To register for the next event with the discount, please email cilmar@purdue.edu.

An Overview of the BEVI

Katherine Yngve serves as an Assessment Specialist, Equitable & Intercultural Learning, for Purdue University's Institutional Data Analytics + Assessment (IDA+A).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the BEVI @ Purdue

Is the BEVI a cost effective solution for large scale assessment designs?
Purdue University maintains an institutional license for unlimited administrations of the BEVI, which makes the instrument a cost-effective large scale solution in both formative (to support learning) and summative (to document learning) assessment designs.
How much will it cost someone at Purdue University to become a qualified administrator of the BEVI?
CILMAR periodically offers cost-share for participation in BEVI administrator training. With Purdue’s discount, the current fee for BEVI training is $1000.
Are there scholarships available for the BEVI training?
Scholarships are available for potential participants whose professional development funding is limited. Please contact cilmar@purdue.edu to inquire about a scholarship.