Purdue Researchers study Lake Michigan currents

Lake Michigan Currents

Researchers from Purdue University are spending a week aboard a scientific vessel in Lake Michigan, tracking a fluorescent plume of dyed water to study how currents transport contaminants and aquatic life.

The five-member team, which includes four students, will conduct research aboard the Blue Heron for seven days beginning Sunday (July 14). The experiment is being conducted in the middle of the lake, about 50 miles southeast of Milwaukee.

According to Cary Troy, an assistant professor in Purdue's School of Civil Engineering. "One obvious application is for something like an oil spill or any sort of contaminant spill in the Great Lakes. If you have a spill, you need to predict where it's going to go and how quickly it's going to dissipate."

Findings also could help to better understand movement of organisms such as plankton and fish larvae.

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