Black & Gold & Green Tailgate Team 2014

Football season is here and it is time for the Black & Gold & Green Tailgate Team to be begin an awesome new season of diverting recyclables from the waste stream. Last season Black & Gold & Green Tailgate Team collected 45,430 pounds of mixed recyclables with an average diversion rate of 31.4% across the 2013 home games.

We hope to continue this awesome trend in the 2014 season but the success of the program completely depends on volunteers. As a volunteer you will help set up recycling receptacles, collect recyclables, and raise awareness about sustainable tailgating.

Sign up as an individual or as a part of an organization at

Keep in mind that you must sign up the Tuesday before a Saturday game and will receive information about time and location in an email that Wednesday.

We look forward to seeing you but until then take a look at some pictures that showcase the awesome job that the 2013 Tailgate Team did.