Purdue Eco-Reps

Students promoting environmental stewardship


Established in spring 2013, Eco-Reps is a “peer-to-peer education program” in our residence halls. It's an exciting partnership between enthusiastic, environmentally-minded students and the Office of University Sustainability (OUS).

This program is all about the Eco-Reps: they’re ambassadors who promote environmental stewardship to their hall-mates. They arrange movie nights, trash audits, and volunteer on campus in the community. Their interests and ambitions shape the program. Basically, Eco-Reps are working on the front lines in the residence halls, committed to sharing their knowledge and making a difference.

OUS is dedicated to helping the Eco-Reps spread their knowledge. Monthly Eco-Reps meetings cover educational material on a variety of environmental themes, and provide suggestions for how to engage their hall-mates. Eco-Reps will learn about the breadth of sustainability opportunities on campus, from classes to research to student clubs.

The program will also provide personal intellectual, social, and professional development. Eco-Reps is a great way to get to know like-minded student leaders at Purdue. While everyone comes from different academic backgrounds, all have an interest in environmental stewardship. OUS will arrange unique experiences and learning opportunities, like a fun retreat early in the year, “field trips” to environmental sites like the Wade Power Plant, and networking with faculty and working professionals.

Here is an interview with Eco-Reps leader Allison Turner:

Interested in participating? Learn more here or contact us at sustainability@purdue.edu or turner92@purdue.edu.