To be considered for the Purdue Promise Program, a student must meet all of the following requirements:

21st Century Scholar

You must be a confirmed 21st Century Scholar. Your eligibility is confirmed with the State once the following has been completed:

  1. You file your FAFSA by March 10 and clear correction, as necessary, by May 15.
  2. You and your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) on the FAFSA are confirmed Indiana residents.
  3. You sign your Senior Affirmation Form indicating you have upheld your Scholar Pledge.
  4. You graduate high school with a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and your high school confirms your grades with the State.
  5. You apply to an eligible Indiana college during your senior year of high school and enroll as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours) in college within one year of high school graduation.

Apply to Purdue, Be Admitted, and Accept Admission

As long as you are admitted to Purdue, accept admission, and meet all qualifications for Purdue Promise, you will receive the Purdue Promise award provided that you enroll as a full-time, first-year student who is starting college for the first time at Purdue (West Lafayette) in a fall semester.

It is recommended that you apply early during your senior year! Purdue begins accepting applications every year on August 1 for enrollment the following calendar year, and each year there is a priority application for scholarship consideration. While you do not need to meet that deadline to be eligible for Purdue Promise, you are encouraged to apply by that deadline to be considered for other scholarships.

Click here for information on applying to Purdue, including instructions on how to apply and deadlines.

Income Eligibility

Purdue Promise eligibility is based on a combined family income* of $50,000 or less. This is determined by information filed by you and your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) on the FAFSA.

Family income is calculated for a dependent student by adding parent and student adjusted gross income (AGI) from the tax return and all non-taxed income received by the student and parent. For the independent student, total family income represents adjusted gross income (AGI) from the student's tax return and all non-taxed income of the student and spouse (if married).

Students who wish to calculate an early estimate of their eligibility for financial aid may fill out Purdue's Early Financial Aid Estimator . This will be an estimate for your early planning purposes only. Final eligibility for financial aid will be determined by data from the FAFSA.

Students who do not meet these eligibility requirements may still be eligible for other forms of aid and support programming offered by Purdue University. For information on financial aid, contact the Purdue University Division of Financial Aid (DFA) by calling (765) 494-5050 or visiting

*The Purdue Promise combined family income requirement only needs to be met during enrollment as a first-time freshman at Purdue (West Lafayette). Continued funding is contingent upon meeting the requirements under "Staying Eligible" below.

Participation in the Purdue Promise Support Program

If you receive the Purdue Promise award you are eligible for 8 consecutive semesters of funding (fall and spring semesters only). To first receive your award you must meet with Purdue Promise staff during STAR and sign a support program agreement. In April of each year you will participate in contract renewal, and sign an updated agreement for the next academic year via our electronic database. After grades post at the end of each spring semester, the Purdue Promise program coordinator must report full participation to the Division of Financial Aid for your award to be renewed.

New students beginning in fall 2015 will be able to review their support program agreement and other requirements for their cohort here.

Staying Eligible

Purdue Promise students starting at Purdue in the fall of 2015 must:

For more information about the Purdue Promise Program, please contact Student Success at Purdue, at (765) 494-9328 or via e-mail at