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January 8, 2013

Multiple CityBus route changes now in effect

To make riding more convenient for faculty, staff, students and visitors at Purdue, CityBus has made changes to multiple routes.

On Monday (Jan. 7), changes were made to both the 12 Gold Loop and 24 Ahlers Drive. New maps of both routes are available via the CityBus website:

* 12 Gold Loop: www.gocitybus.com/RoutesAug2012_new/pdf/12.pdf

* 4 Ahlers Drive: www.gocitybus.com/RoutesAug2012_new/pdf/24.pdf

Some notable changes in the 12 Gold Loop include the elimination of a stop at the Discovery Park Lot. Two stops on Arnold Drive will remain and are located a short walk from the Discovery Park Lot. Also, the 12 Gold Loop will now service Chauncey Village.

The 24 Ahlers Drive route also will no longer stop at the Discovery Park Lot but is being extended further north to cover the campus core.

In late 2012, CityBus extended the 18 Nightrider route to 11th Street in downtown Lafayette. The new route map may be found at www.gocitybus.com/campusloop/18.html.

More information on CityBus is available online at www.gocitybus.com.