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Natalia Dudareva

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Associate Professor of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Ph.D., University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg - France, 1995

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Integrative Plant Sciences

Current Research Interests:

Floral scent is very important for successful pollination and therefore fruit development of many plant species. The objective of our research is to understand the molecular mechanisms of floral scent formations in plants. To achieve this goal, biochemical, genetic, and molecular approaches are used to identify the pathways, enzymes and genes involved in the production of scent volatiles. Current projects include: (1) the isolation and molecular characterization of genes encoding enzymes of biosynthetic pathways involved in the synthesis of volatile esters and (2) regulation of floral scent production during flower development.

Selected Publications:

Bombarely A, Moser M, Amrad A, Bao M, Bapaume L, Barry CS, Bliek M, Boersma MR, Borghi L, Bruggmann R, Bucher M, D’Agostino N, Davies K, Druege U, Dudareva N, Egea-Cortines M, Delledonne M, Fernandez-Pozo N, Franken P, Grandont L, Heslop-Harrison JS, Hintzsche J, Johns M, Koes R, Lv X, Lyons E, Malla D, Martinoia E, Mattson NS, Morel P, Mueller LA, Muhlemann J, Nouri E, Passeri V, Pezzotti M, Qi Q, Reinhardt D, Rich M, Richert-Pöggeler KR, Robbins TP, Schatz MC, Schranz EM, Schuurink RC, Schwarzacher T, Spelt K, Tang H, Urbanus SL, Vandenbussche M, Vijverberg K, Villarino GH, Warner RM, Weiss J, Yue Z, Zethof J, Quattrocchio F, Sims TL, Kuhlemeier C. 2016. Insight into the evolution of the Solanaceae from the parental genomes of Petunia hybrida. Nature Plants DOI: 10.1038/NPLANTS.2016.74

Shaipulah NFM, Muhlemann JK, Woodworth BD, Van Moerkercke A, Verdonk JC, Ramirez AA, Haring MA, Dudareva N, Schuurink RC. 2016. CCoAOMT down-regulation activates anthocyanin biosynthesis in petunia. Plant Physiology, 170: 717-731.

Widhalm JR, Jaini R, Morgan JA, Dudareva N. 2015. Rethinking how volatiles are released from plant cells. Trends in Plant Sci., 20: 545-550.

Widhalm JR, Gutensohn M, Yoo H, Adebesin F, Qian Y, Guo L, Jaini R, McCoy RM, Lynch J, Shreve JT, Thimmapuram J, Rhodes D, Morgan JA, Dudareva N. 2015 . Identification of a plastidial phenylalanine exporter that influences flux distribution through the phenylalanine biosynthetic network. Nature Communications, 6: 8142 doi:10.1038/ncomms9142.

Wang P, Dudareva N, Morgan J, Chapple C. 2015. Genetic manipulation of lignocellulosic biomass for bioenergy. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 29: 32-39.

Henry LK, Gutensohn M, Thomas ST, Noel JP, Dudareva N. 2015. Orthologs of the archaeal isopentenyl phosphate kinase regulate terpenoid production in plants. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 112: 10050-10055.

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