Offsets on the CNC Lathe

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"Offsets on the CNC Lathe" provides explanations of the concept, purpose, and use of offsets on a CNC lathe or turning center. The workshift, geometry, and wear offsets are essential components of any part program. The class first introduces the concepts of offsets, referencing, machine zero, and program zero and then details the axis movements of and programming involved for each type of offset. Additionally, it introduces other offset features, including automatic toolset probes and tool nose radius compensation. Offsets are used in all CNC processes. Since offsets are the most foundational machine tool movements in any part program, a complete understanding of CNC operations requires an equally complete understanding of CNC offsets. After taking this class, users should be able to understand CNC lathe offsets and how to use them.

Course Objectives:

  • Define offsets
  • Describe the Cartesian coordinate system
  • Identify machine zero and program zero
  • Describe the three different types of CNC lathe offsets
  • Describe the workshift offset
  • Describe reference tools for CNC lathe offsets
  • Describe geometry offsets
  • Describe how the reference tool, workshift offset, and geometry offset work together
  • Describe wear offsets
  • Describe tool nose radius compensation.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for all manufacturing personnel operating CNC machines.

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Skill Focus

Smart Technology



Employee Type

New Applicants, Operations team, 1st level supervisor

Method of Delivery


Estimated Effort

2 hrs



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