Design for Additive Manufacturing

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“Design for Additive Manufacturing” (DFAM) discusses how to conceptualize and create a part design for an additive manufacturing (AM) proces, which are capable of creating prototypes or parts with increased complexity, functionality, and integration. AM also allows for other unique manufacturing opportunities, such as mass customization. Though there are some design limitations with DFAM, such as part size and material choice, the process is mainly characterized by the opportunities it provides engineers. After taking this course, users will understand key DFAM concepts, such as functional complexity and hierarchical complexity, the basics of AM production processes, and how DFAM concepts related to basic AM production.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe additive manufacturing and basic design considerations for additive manufacturing
  • Describe advantages of AM
  • Describe disadvantages of AM
  • Describe the various AM processes
  • Describe the process of designing a part for manufacturing
  • Describe considerations for designing a part using traditional manufacturing
  • Describe important considerations for designing for additive manufacturing
  • Describe rapid prototyping
  • Describe the use of AM in end-use manufacturing
  • Describe other applications of AM processes
  • Describe part complexity as it relates to AM
  • Describe functional complexity as it relates to AM
  • Describe part integration as it relates to AM
  • Describe mass customization as it relates to AM
  • Describe important considerations in selecting an AM process
  • Describe how to set up a machine for an AM operation
  • Describe CAD modeling for AM
  • Describe the design tools used in AM processes
  • Describe how to reverse engineer a part for an AM process
  • Describe the STL file used in AM
  • Describe support structures and their role in AM processes
  • Describe part orientation
  • Describe post-processing as it relates to AM processes.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for engineers in R&D working towards developing products to be manufactured using AM methods.

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Smart Technology



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New Applicants, 1st level supervisor

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3.5 hrs



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