The Basic Additive Manufacturing Process

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The manufacturing industry is progressively finding AM to be an important resource in rapid prototyping and creating end-use parts. Thus, it is increasingly important that engineers and operators understand AM technology and its basic process. Understanding the basic AM process will help engineers and operators more easily learn a specific AM operation's unique considerations and procedures. A basic understanding of AM can also help assess AM's value within a manufacturing operation. After taking this class, users will understand the standard steps involved in any AM process.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe additive manufacturing
  • Distinguish between AM methods that deposit build material
  • Distinguish between AM methods that manipulate build material in or on a component
  • Describe the various materials used in AM
  • Describe basic design considerations for AM
  • Describe the various uses of AM parts and how they affect DFAM
  • Describe how to select a material during the DFAM process
  • Describe how to select an AM method
  • Identify the order of the steps for a basic AM operation
  • Describe how CAD is used in an AM operation
  • Describe STL files and how to covert CAD files to STL files
  • Describe how to convert STL files to build files
  • Describe AM machine setup
  • Describe the process of running the AM machine
  • Describe the process of removing an AM part from the machine
  • Describe the process of cleaning an AM machine
  • Describe AM post-processing
  • Describe the basics of a DMLS process.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for manufacturing personnel, including supervisors, working with Additive Manufacturing equipment.

Course ID


Skill Focus

Smart Technology



Employee Type

New Applicants, Operations teams, 1st level supervisors

Method of Delivery


Estimated Effort

2.5 hrs



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