Principles of Injection Molding

Provided by: ToolingU

This class will familiarize you with injection molding and the design concerns associated with injection molding.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the injection molding process
  • Describe the design steps for injection molding
  • Describe the injection molding machine
  • Describe the injection molding screw
  • Explain gas-assisted injection molding
  • Explain structural foam injection molding
  • Describe flow rate concerns
  • Describe colorant concerns
  • Describe the cost factors of injection molding
  • List mold materials
  • Describe molecular orientation in injection-molded parts
  • Compare multi-cavity molds and family molds
  • Describe gates
  • Describe weld lines
  • Distinguish between shrinkage and warpage
  • Describe cycle time for injection molding
  • Describe ejection methods for injection molding
  • Identify possible injection molding errors.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for Manufacturing / Material Engineers.

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Skill Focus

Smart People



Employee Type

New Applicants, 1st level supervisors

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Estimated Effort

2.5 hrs



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