Introduction to GD&T

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GD&T is an international design standard that uses 14 standard geometric tolerances to control the shape of features. GD&T emphasizes the fit, form, and function of a part by comparing the physical features of the part to the theoretical datums specified in the design instructions. Every part feature is described by a series of symbols organized in the feature control frame. Because GD&T's tolerance zones more accurately follow the shape of a feature, emphasizing the relationship between features, blueprints commonly utilize GD&T to describe parts. To fully understand a blueprint, it is necessary to know the GD&T symbols and their meaning. After taking this class, users will better understand the symbols commonly used in a GD&T print.

Course Objectives:

  • Define GD&T
  • Distinguish between traditional tolerancing and GD&T
  • Distinguish between a datum and a feature
  • Describe the advantages of GD&T
  • Describe the major categories of geometric tolerances
  • Describe the GD&T modifiers not dealing with material condition
  • Describe the material condition modifiers
  • Describe the contents of the feature control frame
  • Describe basic dimensions and their purpose
  • Describe the straightness tolerance and the flatness tolerance
  • Describe the circularity tolerance and the cylindricity tolerance
  • Describe the profile of a line tolerance and the profile of a surface tolerance
  • Describe the angularity, perpendicularity, and parallelism tolerances
  • Describe the position tolerance
  • Describe the circular runout tolerance and the total runout tolerance
  • Describe the inspection of the circular runout tolerance and the total runout tolerance.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for manufacturing personnel, including technicians, engineers, and managers

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New Applicants, operations team, 1st level supervisor

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3 hrs



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