Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Management

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A key priority in corporate strategic design is for an organization to emerge as socially responsible and sustainable through environment protection with a focus on maintenance of biodiversity and prevention of landscape damage. As well as reducing and controlling the environmental footprint of their agri-food supply chains. In order to develop sustainable and competitive agri-food supply chains the learner will explore the unique attributes of sustainable agri-food supply chains (SAFSCs) that differentiate them from other supply chains.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply supply chain management principles in a sustainable way that protects the environment
  • Measure environmental sustainability performance of supply chains
  • Analyze the importance of ethics and transparency in supply chain management.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for all manufacturing personnel and managers handling logistics and operations.

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Smart Business


Doane University

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New applicants, operations teams, 1st level supervisor

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120 hrs


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