AI Applications with Watson

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In this course, you'll learn how to build queries in Discovery, which allows you to surface answers and patterns from large repositories of data. You'll next learn to use Discovery to extract insights from a set of hotel reviews. Then, to make that data come to life, you'll integrate Discovery with other Watson services to create a chatbot that can tell you about the best hotels in a certain US city. By using these Watson services, you'll add more layers of analysis to help you find the best hotel.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply your foundational concepts of AI and machine learning into building and programming chatbots
  • Create a chatbot application that interacts in natural language in IBM Cloud
  • Synthesize data that can be queried to extract sentiment, concepts, entities, and taxonomy by using Watson Discovery
  • Reveal the emotions, sentiment, and customer preferences found in hotel reviews by using Tone Analyzer and Personality Insights and feed that data to the chatbot.

Recommended Background

  • AI skills are imperative for anyone working or entering the technology sector. This course is recommended for anyone wanting to develop a career in AI applications / enhancing their current skill set to grow in this domain.

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Smart Technology



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New applicants, Leadership, Change leaders

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12 hrs


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