Managing Disruptive Change

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Disruption is simultaneously the greatest threat and the biggest opportunity for any business. While some companies proactively manage this potential risk and leverage it to further grow their business, others fall behind by not acknowledging the profound impact that this type of change might have. This course helps you to get in the driver seat by teaching you a structured approach to respond to disruptive change through targeted actions: Identify emerging disruptions early on & proactively manage disruptions to leverage them as an opportunity

Course Objectives:

  • How to spot specific disruption patterns as well as potential sources of disruptions
  • Ways to assess the degree of the respective disruptions in terms of stage, speed and impact
  • The know-how to select appropriate counter initiatives drawing from a tool kit of potential actions, depending on the assessment of the disruption.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for individuals wanting to improve their career qualifications as Business Development Manager, Change Manager or Innovation Manager.

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Smart Business


RWTH Aachen University

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Leadership, Change leaders

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48 hrs


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