Global Leadership and Personal Development

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You will learn current strategies for managing people in a complex, volatile global context. Starting with the basics of achieving optimal team success and the importance of managing both the tasks and processes of global leadership. You will also focus on the characteristics found among high performing teams, as well as characteristics needed for success in exceptional genius/virtuoso, virtual and multicultural teams. You will also discuss self-awareness and learn key skills to deliver self-assessments and individual feedback in next-generation learning environments.

Course Objectives:

  • Best management practices for today's global business environment.Building teams, lead,improve teams.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for New and experienced managers and leaders who want to develop or improve their team manageement skills. Also suitable for experienced individuals who are in need of new practical ideas for improving team productivity in the modern manufacturing environment.

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Skill Focus

Smart People


Arizona State University

Employee Type

Leadership,Change Leaders, 1st Level Supervisor

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Estimated Effort

160 hrs


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Certification is paid for $ 299.00 ; Full financial aid available for certification