Visionary Leadership, Identity & Motivation: Become a Meaning Maker

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When faced with a complex and ambiguous work environment, how do you, as a potential leader, envision the future? How can you deliver on your vision in a way that conveys meaning and drives positive change within your organisation? In this course you will explore how leaders can create a compelling vision and communicate it, and how they create meaning and make work more meaningful.

Course Objectives:

  • To Evaluate approaches to influencing and creating meaning at work
  • Evaluate and apply approaches to meaning making that play a role in aligning employee buy-in of organisational narratives
  • Evaluate, create and apply strategies to leverage meaning making through branding
  • Situate discussions of meaning making within broader social contexts and concerns.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for new leaders,transitioning between leadership roles, existing leaders

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Smart People


Macquarie University

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Leadership, 1st Level Supervisor

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Estimated Effort

24 hrs


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