Adapt your Leadership Style

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Why are organisational misbehaviours such as cynicism, apathy, bullying and disengagement increasingly prevalent in the workplace? This course examines these tensions and how transformational, authentic and inclusive leadership styles offer an alternative to the more autocratic, job-centred and controlling leadership styles of the past.

Course Objectives:

  • You’ll learn how the digital revolution, along with an increased focus on projects and teamwork, has dramatically altered the perception of leadership in a way that now demands all organisational members take on some form of self-leadership. And you’ll learn how this change is causing tensions between traditional leaders and the contemporary practices vital to maintain agility in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for new leaders,transitioning between leadership roles, existing leaders

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Smart People


Macquarie University

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Leadership, 1st Level Supervisor

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28 hrs


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