Design Thinking

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You want to identify an opportunity or to uncover creative insights and innovative solutions.You are curious about design thinking – a creative approach that is being used more and by entrepreneurs and in new ventures as well as in established firms.You do not understand why so many innovations, apparently developed with care, are not adopted by the users. You enjoy using services that provide a user-friendly experience and are curious to know how these innovations are developed. You are concerned by the growing complexity of innovations that require more focus on the usage and the user. If one of the situations above applies to you, then this course is for you!

Course Objectives:

  • To discover and experiment with? a systematic approach to uncover creative insights and innovative solutions. You will learn to recognize the specific type of situations where analytical approaches are not efficient and where design thinking is more effective.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for individuals wanting to improve their career qualifications as Product Manager , Engineer , Process Manager and Marketing Manager, entrepreneurs,Innovators

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Smart People


HEC Paris

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Leadership, Change leaders, New Applicants

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41 hrs


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