Building Self-Confidence and Trust

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It has been said that a true leader has no fear. Self-confidence is a critical trait for every leader to possess in the right balance. Trust is the glue that holds every relationship together. While trust is a simple thing, it is not always easy to accomplish. In this course, participants will learn reliable principles and methods for building trust that every leader can use. Participants will have the opportunity to select the key skills that they can practice to gain the ease of genuine self-confidence and use reliable methods for building trust with others.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn and Define “self-confidence” and assess your own level of self-confidence.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for New and experienced managers and leaders who want to develop or improve their skills related to building self-confidence and trust

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Smart People


Purdue University MEP

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Leadership, Change Leaders, Maintenance, 1st Level Supervisor

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Face to Face

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