Spondias mangifera – Famine Foods

Spondias mangifera


India (Madras Presidency): leaves eaten as greens; fruit cooked into curries, and pickled.

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Tamil: Mirrey manga. Telugu: Ambra, Amra jouru, Mamedi
Chemical composition (sap expressed from bulbs rendered 50% of the pulp): pH = 6.8. Glucose = 0.66%. Ascorbic acid = 13.2mg%. Thiamine = 30mcg%. Riboflavin: negative. Moisture = 93.3%. Protein = 0.45%. Starch = trace. Minerals = 0.96%. Fiber (crude) = 5.29%. Ash = CaO = 13.5% (0.130% in pulp). Fe2O3 = 0.13% (0.0013% in pulp). Attention is called to the relatively large amount of ascorbic acid in the sap

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