Sonchus oleraceus – Famine Foods

Sonchus oleraceus


Hawaii: unspecified part of plant eaten. India (Bombay Presidency): leaves eaten. Zululand (Ubombo district): leaves and berries [NB this plant does not produce berries] eaten. China: stems and leaves eaten. Australia: stems, young shoots and roots eaten.

Additional Information

Name Authority:
Ahmednagar district, Bombay Presidency: Pathari. Zulu: Bis. English: Milky Tassel, Milkweed, Common Sowthistle, Hare's Lettuce. East Gippsland Aborigines: Thalaak.
Tanzania (Morogoro and Dodoma districts) Chemical composition (Chinese sample): Protein = 1.2%. Fat = 0.3%. Carbohydrate = 2.4%. Ash = 1.2%. Reportedly rich in Vitamin C.

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