Rivea hypocrateriformis – Famine Foods

Rivea hypocrateriformis


India (Bombay Presidency): leaves boiled in water, then added to bajri (millet) or jowari flour which is made into bread. Leaves are also boiled together with condiments, i.e. prepared into bhaji; (Rajasthan, western): young shoots and leaves eaten as vegetable; (Madras Presidency): herbs [sic] gathered, boiled with salt and chili peppers and eaten.

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Bombay Presidency: Phang, Phangi, Phanji, Phandi. Indi, Bijapur district, Bombay Presidency: Matli. Sindgi, Bijapur district, Bombay Presidency: Masti -ganto. Western Rajasthan: Rotabel, Phanji. Tamil: Boodthee keeray. Telugu: Boddi kura.

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