Portulaca quadrifida – Famine Foods

Portulaca quadrifida


Ethiopia (Worebabo woreda): leaves boiled and eaten. India (Bombay Presidency, Rajasthan western): the leaves, after boiling, are used in preparing a bread by mixing with Bajri (millet) or Jowari flour; (Rajasthan, western): whole plant is cut, boiled and used as a vegetable; (Madras Presidency): leaves and tender shoots cooked and eaten as greens.

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Ethiopia: Gourdo. (India) - Bombay Presidency: Ahmednagar district, Rahuri: Chil; Poona district, Khamgaon Tank: Gholu; Poona district, Walha Parincha Road: Chul ghul; Indi, Bijapur district: Nacha goli. Rajasthan (western): Luni, Lunki. Tamil: Passelie keeray. Telugu: Goddu pavelli, Sun pail kura.

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