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Pinus strobus


Norway, Sweden: inner rind of bark dried, pounded into small pieces and mixed with grain. The mixture is then hand-milled and baked into bread, It may also be eaten in meal form, with butter.

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L.; Buch.-Ham.; Thunb.
content: K = 2700mg/kg (June); 4000mg/kg (September); Ca = 680mg/kg (june); 1000mg/kg (September); Mg = 900mg/kg (June); 1500mg/kg (September); P = 1000mg/kg (June); 1200mg/kg (September); S = 600mg/kg (June); 700mg/kg (September); Fe = 270mg/kg (June); 57mg/kg (September); Cu = 3.5mg/kg (June); 2.4mg/kg (September); Mn = 250mg/kg (June); 290mg/kg (September); Zn = 89mg/kg (June); 79mg/kg (September); Mo = 0.2mg/kg (June); 0.2mg/kg (September); Ni = 3.2mg/kg (June); 0.2mg/kg[ (September); Co = 0.24mg/kg (June); 0.10mg/kg (September): Cr = 0.02mg/kg (June); 0.20 (September); F = 0.5mg/kg (June); 1.5mg/kg (September); Se = 0.01mg/kg (June); 0.01 (September); Si = 0.0mg/kg (June); 30mg/kg (September); Rb = 8.2mg/kg (June); 11mg/kg (September); Al = 12mg/kg (June); 315mg/kg (September); B = 8.3mg/kg (June); 12mg/kg (September); Br = 1mg/kg (June); 2mg/kg (Septembers); Hg = 0.004mg/kg (June); 0.022mg/kg (September); As = 0.0mg/kg (June); 0.06mg/kg; (September); Cd = 0.040mg/kg (June); 0.900,mg/kg (September); Pb = 009mg/kg (June); 0.20 (September).

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