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Pilocereus setosus


Brazil (northeast): a flour is prepared from the tender pith found within the woody medullary sheath of the stem. The spines of the outer stem are first removed, as is its moist, fleshy substance, to reach the sheath. The latter is held over the coals of a fire for ten to fifteen minutes. The woody rind is removed, and the pith is then pulverized and reduced to a flour.

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Chemical composition (pith): Moisture = 89.0%. Protein = 0.73%. Starch = 1.37%. Minerals = 1.75%. Fibre (crude, etc. = 7.15%. Ash (total): CaO = 8.55% (0.15% in pith). Fe203= 0.15% (0.003% in pith).

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