Panicum crus-galli – Famine Foods

Panicum crus-galli

Panicum Crus-galli


India (Bombay Presidency): seeds threshed and [ground and] used for bread flour especially on fast[ing] days and Hindu ceremonies. The grass may be dried on [over?] fire or, the grass with seed is turned on fire [sic] for some time and then the seed is taken off and eaten without being ground. (Rajasthan, western ): seeds boiled and eaten. China: seeds steamed, made into porridge or gruel or ground into flour.

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Bombay Presidency: Nasik district, Kalwan Taluka: God, Tan. Surat district, Bardoli: Ziro. Rajasthan (western): Samaw, Samak. English: Barnyard Grass

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