Musa paradisiaca – Famine Foods

Musa paradisiaca

Musa sapientum


India (Bombay Presidency, Nasik district, Akola): stem of tree eaten raw. (Rajasthan, western): tuber [sic] boiled, dried and crushed with leaf sheath and center core and eaten as a vegetable; stem peeled and eaten raw. Malawi: unspecified part of plant eaten. Mexico (Yucatan): corm eaten as a famine food by the Huastec Maya. It is said that, after one month of continually eating this, a person swells up and dies. Ethnomedical use: sap of corm used for dysentery and burns. Uganda: root stock eaten.

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Name Authority:
Bombay Presidency, Nasik district, Peint; Ahmednagar district, Akola: Kawadar. Rajasthan (western): Kele/Kela. Uganda (Luganda): Nkolo. Lunyoro: Nkonya. Yucatan (Teenek): It'ath ['soft']

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