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Melochia corchornifolia L.


Niger (southeastern). Leaf eaten. <<The leaves are consumed as a potherb in West Africa and southern Africa. The cooked leaves present a popular, slimy side-dish in Malawi. Such are also quite common in Indo-China and India. Known to have high crude amount of protein, as well as small amounts of lipids. It also contains critical dietary minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.>>

Nutrient values of Nigerian (Kebi State) leaf sample:

The mineral composition in mg/100 g DW are: K (7.250±37.50), Ca (750.37±10.58), Mg (108.33±5.77) and P (101.89±0.08), Na (94.00±1.15), Cu (33.50±2.55), Fe (19.91±3.01), Mn (9.68±0.59) and Zn (6.73±0.62).



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