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Mangifera indica


India – (Kond Hills, Ganjam Agency, Madras Presidency): the Kond people remove the kernels from the seed case; soaked in water overnight and pounded into a damp powder which is put in a basket and pressed down flat. Holes are made in the seed mass and left in a warm place overnight again. The next day the powder is leached in running water, where available. The water percolates through the holes. The leached flour is tasted to be sure the astringent taste is gone. When it is ready, the flour is made into baked cakes; baked between green leaves; mixed and cooked with rice; shaped into balls and cooked in rice. (Garhwal Himalayas): seeds powdered [sic]. Nigeria (Kano State, northern): fruit and gum eaten. ot ashes. It is also covered with green leaves and cooked in an earthen pot.

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Blume; L.; Thw.; Wall.
Tamil: Mankai. Telugu: Mamedi chettu. Hausa: Mangwara
Chemical composition (Kond sample) - protein = 5.56 %.

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