Luffa cylindrica – Famine Foods

Luffa cylindrica

Luffa aegypticaca


Nigeria (northern): young fruits cooked and eaten by the Hausa. French Guinea (Guinea): eaten like squash in soups and stews. China: fruit peeled and boiled.

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Name Authority:
(L.) M. Roem.
Chemical composition (Chinese sample): Protein = 1.4%. Fat = 0.15%. Carbohydrate = 4.28%. Ash = 0.48%. Moderate quantities of Vitamins A, B1 and B2. Moderate amounts of Vitamin C. Seed oil (Zambian sample): oil = 16%. Component esters (wt%): 16:0 = 16%. 18:0 = 13%. 18:1 = 14%. 18:2 = 3%.

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