Landolphia petersiana – Famine Foods

Landolphia petersiana


Tanzania (Ngindoland): fruits eaten when ripe or nearly ripe

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Name Authority:
(Klotzsch) Dyer.
Ngindo: Ndoro
The skin is removed from the unripe fruit, but not from the ripe fruit. Chemical composition: Protein = 0.7g/100g. Fat = 0.2g/100g. Crude fiber = 0.7g/100g. Carbohydrate = 16.5g/100g. Calcium = 18.3mg/100g. Magnesium = 12.2mg/100g. Iron = 1m/100g. Sodium = 7.94mg/100g. Potassium = 236mg/100g. Copper = 0.27mg/1000g. Zinc = 0.28mg/100g. Manganese = 0.15mg/100g. Phosphorus = 10.5mg/100g. Thiamin = 0.14mg/100g. Riboflavin = 0.04mg/100g. Nicotinic acid = 0.75mg/100g. Vitamin C = 26.6mg/100g.

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