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Ipomoea aquatica

Ipomoea reptans, Convulvulus reptans


Burkina Faso (Piéla, Gnagna Province). The Gourmantché people prepare the leaves in cous-cous The leaves are first chopped and mixed with millet flour; then the mixture is steamed. Salt, and butter made from the seeds of Butyrospermum parkii (G.Don) Kotschy (Synonym: Vitellaria paradoxa C. F. Gaertn. [SAPOTACEAE] are added. India (Bombay Presidency): young shoots and leaves eaten; (Deccan and Bengal): herb eaten; (Rajasthan, western): leaves and young shoots used as vegetable. Sudan and (southern Kordofan): leaves eaten as salad; (central area): leaves mixed with sesame, groundnuts, spices and served with porridge and stew. Tanzania (Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam and other coastal towns). Leaves withered [sic] = sun dried [?] then boiled [water not discarded].

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Name Authority:
Burkina Faso (Gourmantché): Koulougoumbengatu. India - Bombay Presidency (Olpad, Surat district) : Narini bhaji. Rajasthan (western): Narz, Kalambi. Sudan - Arabic: Arkala.
Chemical composition: Protein (crude) = 14.2% (dry). Fat = 2.4% (dry). Fibre (crude) = 9.3% (dry). Ash = 18.6% (dry). Carbohydrate (soluble): Starch = 39.2% (dry). Sucrose = 1.9% (dry). D-glucose = 2.1% (dry). F-fructose = 2.6% (dry). Amino acids (g [16g N]-1): Asparic acid = 11.5g. Threonine = 4.0g. Serine = 3.9g. Glutamic acid = 12.3g. Proline = 3.3g. Glycine = 4.3g. Alanine = 5.3g. Valine = 5.2g. Cysteine = 0.8g. Methionine = 1.3g. Isoleucine = 3.9g. Leucine = 6.6g. Tyrosine = 3.2g. Phenylalanine = 4.6g. Lysine = 4.9g. Histidine = 1.8g. Arginine = 4.6g. Minerals: Sulphur = 0.29% (dry). Potassium = 0.19% (dry). Magnesium = 0.48% (dry). Calcium = 2.14% (dry). Na = 0.20% (dry). K = 2.83% (dry). Zinc = 30mg/kg-1 (dry). Iron = 3080mg/kg-1 (dry). Manganese = 325mg/kg-1 (dry). Copper = 11mg/kg-1 (dry). Soil type favored by plant: in or near water, stems trailing on mud or floating on water.

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