Hoya veridiflora – Famine Foods

Hoya veridiflora

Hoya viridiflora, Wattakaka volubilis


India: root eaten. Leaves eaten uncooked or boiled. Fruit eaten. Flowers eaten uncooked or prepared into a bhaji./Among the Bhil people, of Durgi and other villages in the Dholka Taluka, a powder (said to be pollen) is removed from the flowers and used in the preparation of Dhoklas, a small, thick bread. India (Madras Presidency): leaves used as greens.

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R. Br. Griff.
Bombay Presidency, Panch Mahals district, Godhra: Doda Flowers, Dodi. Khandesh district, Talda: Chiri. Ahmednagar district: Phundi. Vernacular name - Tamil: Cooringee keeray.
Grows in all kinds of soils at altitudes up to 2,000 meters

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