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Ficus glomerata

Ficus racemosa


India (Bombay Presidency and Uttar Pradesh, Balrampur region): fruit eaten. Unripe fruit dried and ground into flour for bread[sic] (chapati?) [mixed with] bajri (pearl millet – Pennisetum glaucum L.) and jowar (sorgum) flour. The bark is also reported to have been dried and ground into flour using a stone mortar and pestle (chakki). (Maharashtra State, Raigad District): flowers and young fruit but and prepared with lemon juice. (Rajasthan, western): green fruit boiled and used as vegetable; ripe fruit eaten. (Madras Presidency): ripe fruit eaten.

Additional Information

Name Authority:
Bombay Presidency: Ambar ("universally"[sic]); Surat district, Bardoli: Umerda; Panch Mahals district: Guler. Rajsthan (western): Pipal. Tamil: Attee marum. Telugu: Maydi

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