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Eucalyptus dumosa


Australia (New South Wales, Port Philip District, Wimmera): sweet exudation from leaves made into ‘liquor.’ (Victoria, South Australia; New South Wales): yields a ‘manna’ called lerp or larp, the nidus of an insect (i.e. Psylla Eucalypti), with the following chemical composition: Water = 14%. A thread-like substance = 33%. Sugar = 53%. The threads swell slightly when the sugar is disolved in water. Thus freed from sugar, the threads consist of Lerp-amylum C6H10O5—–44.4C and 6.24H. This, on digestion with dilute sulphuric acid, etc. [sic], forms a crystallizable carbohydrate which agrees in its properties with dextrin. (South Australia): bark and root powdered and eaten separately or mixed with other plants. (Unspecified locale): root bark stripped off and eaten.

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A. Cunn. ex Schau. in Walp.
(area unspecified): Weir Mallee, White Mallee. Lake Hindmark Station Aborigines: Bunurduk

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