Dioscorea sativa – Famine Foods

Dioscorea sativa


India (Bombay Presidency): the toxic tuber is cut into pieces after boiling. These pieces are then leached in flowing water to remove the toxic element. An alternate process boils the pieces in several changes of fresh water. After neutralizing, the tuber may be mixed with konda, or some other flour, and then eaten. Other methods include toasting the tuber, after which it is eaten with whey. A further method has it cut into pieces, washed ca. ten times in water, and then seethed. The tubers may also be eaten whole or pounded into flour used in making bread.

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Walore, Surat district, Bombay Presidency: Kadia kand, Mano kand. Dangs, Surat district, Bombay Presidency:Vaj kand. Taloda, Khandesh district, Bombay Presidency: Kadawa kand. Mandvi, Surat district, Bombay Presidency: Kedvo kand.

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