Dioscorea pentaphylla – Famine Foods

Dioscorea pentaphylla


India (Bombay Presidency): leaves boiled and eaten. The tuber, which contains a toxic element, is dug from the ground. The rind is removed and the tuber is then cut into pieces and boiled. The pieces are then immersed or dipped in a running stream for one night. After leaching, it is again boiled – reportedy five or six times – and then eaten mixed with salt and spices. Other reports indicate the tuber is eaten after leaching overnight in a stream, but without further processing. An alternate process is recorded: the tuber is plunged into water for one night and one day, boiled five or six times, the rind removed, the tuber cut in half and then mixed with salt; (Deccan): leaves and flowers eaten; (Kumaon region, Western Himalayas): tubers cut into pieces, steeped in water, and boiled prior to eating; (Garhwal Himalayas): eaten after repeatedly being boiled, washed and baked. Hawaii: tuber steamed and eaten warm.

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L.; Wall.
India: Bombay Presidency: Chai, Chavi. Baglan, Nasik district, Bombay Presidency: Alshi. Shahada, Khandesh district, Bombay Presidency: Kala kand. Shirpur, Khandesh district, Bombay Presidency: Jaglia che kand. Mandvi, Surat district, Bombay Presidency:Vaj no kand. Halwan, Nasik district, Bombay Presidency: Kadu kand. Kumaon region, Western Himalayas: Taigun,Takuli.. Western Rajasthan: Kanta -Alu. Hawaiian: Pi 'a

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