Dioscorea dregeana – Famine Foods

Dioscorea dregeana


South Africa (Lusikisiki district, Pondoland, eastern Cape Province), Transkei: tuber eaten. The Pondo peole of Transkei peel and soak it in water for several days. The tuber is then boiled and eaten as a vegetable or mixed with porridge or sour milk. Coastal groups in the Transkei slice the tuber, after it has been boiled and peeled, the slices are then further cooked until they are soft and can be mashed. It is then eaten plain or with sweet or soul milk. In all cases, the tuber is eaten only when fresh and under great necessity, owing to its toxicity. Watt & Breyer-Brandwijk state that, if the tuber slices are not sufficiently soaked in running water, paralysis of the legs and a sort of inebriation is said to follow.

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(Kunth.) & Schniz.
Pondo & Xhosa: Ingxolo. Zulu: Isidakwa (‘Drunkard’). English: Wild yam.

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