Corchorus tridens L – Famine Foods

Corchorus tridens L


Niger (Maradi): leaves eaten.

Nutrient values. Protein = 19.0%/22.5% Fat = 2.9% Ash = 14.7% Carbohydrate = 59.9% Mn = 71.45mcg/g
Fe = 487.23mcg/g Ca = 9548mcg/g Mg = 2947mcg/g Cu = 8.66mcg/g Zn = 24.61mcg/g

Protein composition reportedly compared favorably to the World Health Organization’s standard for essential amino acids.

Note: Freiberger’s co-author Robert Glew (personal communication[4/25/2022]) corrects the Total Protein value to be 27.0%, NOT 2.7%

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lalo, turgunwa

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